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Kate's Story

I am a registered nurse educator who had bilateral total hip replacement and my left leg was weak and painful, interfering with my ballroom and polka dancing. I met Dave Scully at a seminar in January, 2010 and started Dynamic Contraction exercise treatments with him. I found that the stiffness and soreness in my body disappeared and I became more flexible. I then tried acupuncture, cupping and infrared heat, combined with a herbal formula  that Dave blended himself.  Dave recommended other herbal remedies and teas (all natural) to help relax my muscles and had me sleeping like a contented baby. Dave has changed my life. Now, I dance, travel, cruise and volunteer. Thanks to Dave, I am a true convert to alternative health methods. Whatever he suggested, I tried, and “the proof is in the pudding” I haven’t danced or moved this well since I was 21! Today, I am dancing like no one is watching.

~ Kate

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