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At OmniQi, we feel so honored and blessed to be able to share the Tachyon Chamber with you. As the owner, I personally feel an Angelic embrace of source love and light when I am in the chamber. Tachyon energy provides information to the body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate itself. Because of this, it may reverse the aging process, strengthen your immune system while stimulating into action your own innate well-being intelligence.

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What makes up a Tachyon Chamber Session?

  • A very high concentration of Tachyon particles

  • Hertz Sound Therapy

  • Chromotherapy a.k.a. Color Therapy

“Every time I use the Tachyon Chamber, I experience something new. Lying in the light is always a pleasant experience. Sometimes it has been a brilliant blue or green centered in the middle of my forehead. I don’t want that feeling to end and I know it has changed me in a good way! “

- Theresa F. Boyertown, PA

Tachyon Chamber Testimonials

"At this point I have had 6 sessions in the tachyon chamber. Immediately after a session, I feel more relaxed. But the biggest change I have noticed is a greater sense of self-awareness. I am more aware of what I am feeling and how I respond to different situations. Additionally, my young daughter has had several sessions in the tachyon chamber, and I have noticed her sleep has improved dramatically."

~ Dan D Royersford PA

"The tachyon chamber has been a wonderful experience for me. I love feeling the pulsations of energy through my body. It makes me feel more relaxed and peaceful. I have released many emotions and negative thoughts during a session. I also have had several spiritual experiences. Physically, I have noticed my skin being smoother, digestion better, and I have more energy. I am so grateful to OmniQi for offering this powerful energy for our healing." ~ Cynthia M. Exton PA

"The Tachyon chamber experience has eliminated pain in my body from sports injuries permanently as well as my ADD is no longer present in my life! A complete feeling of overall wellness has continued now for me for several months since using the chamber."

~Cherise P. Ambler PA

"During my Tachyon sessions I would often feel the energy moving through my body and down my spine. It literally was a York Peppermint Patty sensation that would give me a visceral tingle. I also felt the presence of my angels squeezing my hands that further relaxed me. Tachyon has given me intuitive guidance regarding my healing journey. My body, mind and spirit are changing every day and Tachyon helps me trust this process." ~Colleen P. Collegeville PA

"I absolutely fell in love with the Tachyon Chamber during my very first session, although it should be noted that this may not reflect everyone’s first or even second experience.  Without question, no matter how different each person’s experience might be, the Tachyon Chamber provides powerful healing energy for the mind, body and spirit.  I was previously aware that Tachyon energy has the power to heal illness on a very deep cellular level, however I was unaware of its ability to dramatically elevate one’s mood.  


I have struggle with considerable stress and anxiety, in addition to navigating an autoimmune disease that impacts my life on a daily basis.  When I first started doing weekly Tachyon Energy sessions, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my physical energy and overall happiness.  I think it’s important to remain open-minded and not approach these sessions with ridged expectations. For example, I started these sessions to treat long COVID symptoms.  I did have measurable improvement in my physical symptoms e.g., reduced chronic fatigue, less joint pain and migraines, however, not only did I experience an increase in my physical energy, my mood was also elevated exponentially – yay! 


Now I do bi-weekly or monthly maintenance sessions to maintain my general wellness, and sometimes I increase the frequency of my sessions if I’m struggling to get over a cold, or dealing with increased stress in my life. 


I am beyond thrilled that there is a Tachyon Chamber just 35 minutes from my home and I am enormously grateful that Jessica and David had the wisdom and foresight to make available this extraordinary energy for our community – thank you!!! W .W. Conshohocken- PA

Girl in Daisies Field

When I was a child, my father created a device. It was made out of copper. The device was square, and it hung from the ceiling. There was a light bulb above the copper square plate and underneath the light bulb is where he would place different square cut colored glass.  If I had a stomachache, he would place yellow glass through the device for me to lay under. I remember how wonderful the colors that shone on me made me feel and how quickly I would feel better. When my father passed, the memories of the colored glass treatments came back to me and I wanted others to experience the beautiful color therapy at our office, OmniQi.  Chromotherapy is absolutely magnificent, and I am glad we can share this therapy with you in the Tachyon chamber.

~ Jessica Fieo-Scully

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