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Christina's Story

I was beginning to believe that my dream of becoming a mommy just wasn’t meant to be. My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for 3.5 years to become pregnant. We’d gone through so many tests and wild rides with fertility treatments and were prepared to just give up.

My mom had been seeing Dave with success for a long time and she suggested we go in to see Dave and Jess to see if acupuncture might help. Though we were living in NYC at the time, we made an appointment and they both sat us down to talk about our relationship, lifestyle and just about everything under the sun. It was like going through couples therapy! Eventually they brought us back to receive individual treatment.


From that point on I would make the two hour journey down from NYC every few weeks just to receive treatment from Jess. In between sessions with her I would try acupuncture near my home in the city, but no one devoted the time, care, attention and guidance like Jess. I would call and tell her how things were going and I would always comment how there was just nobody like her. When I saw other practitioners I felt like a number on a schedule that had to be fit in and rushed out to make way for the next patient. Just one more person to make some money from.

Not with Jess. She would listen to everything that was going on in my life at the time, ask about life experiences and emotional trauma. She asked about my health and spirituality. It wasn’t just about sticking needles in me. It became clear that I had to do a lot of releasing and personal growth on my journey to motherhood. The acupuncture was just a physical method of putting the puzzle pieces back together the right way.

In July of 2017, after a recent visit with Jess I found out I was pregnant. Jess did in 6 months what apps, specialists and medications couldn’t do in 3.5 years. My daughter was born in March 2018, our little miracle was finally in our arms!

After the delivery I experienced a terrible bout of post-partum anxiety and depression and trouble breastfeeding. Jess was there for that too. She treated me, prescribed herbs and foods to increase my iron and regulate my hormones and even gave wonderful breastfeeding advice. When my daughter struggled with digestive issues as an infant and now toddler, “Aunt Jess” would perform pediatric acupuncture to help her little tummy feel better.

I swear, Jess opened the floodgates of my fertility. Six months after my daughter’s birth I was completely shocked to find I was pregnant AGAIN! After so much hoping, praying, tears and disappointment, we couldn't believe that our dreams of having a family were now a reality. Our son is due in 3 weeks and I have no doubt we'll be visiting Aunt Jess as our little ones grow.

I'm so thankful to OmniQi for their warmth, care, and welcoming environment. They are truly a diamond in a sea of pebbles. I strongly encourage anyone struggling with ANY aspect of their health and well being to visit and experience the miracle working that is OmniQi.


~ Christina

Phoenixville, PA

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